Atomix - 2015

is the second vehicle made by EPSA and its partners for the Formula Student.

The conception of the car begun in 2014 so that it could take part in the Formula Student 2015 in Parme.

Atomix is innovative thanks to the introduction of composite materials, the use of 3D printers and onboard electronic for data acquisition.

The vehicle took also part in the Formula Student UK on the Silverstone circuit in 2016. EPSA finished 31st out of 108 competitors.

Logo of the vehicle Atomix

General data sheet

Weight (with fully filled tanks): 220 kg

Frame: Tubular made of steel (High elastic limit steel 25CD4S)

Engine: Honda CBR 600 RR PC40 (2008 model) 90 hp at 11000 rpm, 60 Nm at 10000 rpm

Gear shifting: Custom with steering wheel control, direct drive by brushless engine

Differential: Limited slip with disc Drexler

Grounding liaison: Double triangulation with tubes composite, aluminium encarts

Tyres: Hoosier 10 inches

Monitoring system, data acquisition: 3 Arduino cards linked by CAN-BUS

Car body: Carbon fiber (3 main pieces + plates at the front)