Valkyriz - 2023

Valkyriz is the first 100% electric vehicle from EPSA and his technical partners. It is a technical challenge to be overcome for the whole team due to the innovative nature of this propulsion system. Important security and scientific issues surround the design and construction of this vehicle : that's why EPSA has developed a test bench to test and validate the overall operation of the electric power chain (known as Bench01). 

Because of the difficulty of such a transition, Valkyriz is the cumination of the combined efforts of three EPSA seasons (2021, 2022, 2023).

This vehicle is the first of the team's vehicles that is not only intended to take part in competitions, since it will act as a prototype and then a test bench. It will be used for system-by-system testing of all the optimisations to be carried out on the next EPSA vehicles.

After attending the Switzerland Formula Student, it has been linked to the Bench01, making it evolve to a high and low power electric test bench, the Valkybench
Logo of Valkyriz vehicle