VirtuoZ - 2011

VirtuoZ was made by EPSA in 2011. It won several awards at the SIA Trophy, that includes: the innovation, safety and communication awards. Afterwards, the car was modified so that it could take part in the Monte Carlo rally racing. The weight and fiability of the car were optimized. As a consequence, VirtuoZ won the "Driver Performance" award of the Monte Carlo rally racing 2013.

General data sheet


Code name:

Year of making: 2011

Type: Two-seater car

Motorisation: Parallel hybrid (thermical (fuel)  - electric)

Hybridation architecture: FERT (Front Electrical Rear Thermical)

Overall width: 1800 mm

Overall length: 4300 mm

Height: 1100 mm

Weight: 814 kg

Super-condensateurs et câble électrique haute puissance

Motorisation and energy storage

4 driving wheels (front wheels : electric engine, rear wheels : thermical engine)

Thermical motorisation: Citroën C1/Peugeot 107 engine (68 hp fuel)

Gearbox : Renault R21

Gasoline tank : 10L tank

Electric motorisation : 2 Lynch LEM200-D135RAG engines (direct current engine - 2 x 22 hp)

Electric energy storage : 4 super-capacitors Maxwell (total electric energy on board : 760 kJ)

Kinetic energy retrieval system while braking

Frame and ground liaison

Tubular frame welded

Type : 3 cells (Front - Rear - Cabin)

Materials : Circular tubes made of steel and aluminium plates

Separated trains with double triangulation

Hub seats "home-made"

Shock-absorber : tipper triangles at the front and rear

Ground clearance : 10 cm

Tyres : Michelin Energy Saver

Car body

Type : Peugeot RC Cup

Material : Fibreglass