PsychoZ - 2013

PsychoZ is the last hybrid car made for the SIA Trophy.

General data sheet

Name: PsychoZ

Code name: TIZY'2013

Year of making: 2013

Type: Two-seater

Motorisation: Parallel hybrid (thermical (fuel or ethanol)  - electric)

Hybridation architecture: REFT (Rear Electrical Front Thermical) with an electric engine for each wheel

Overall width: 1490 mm

Overall length: 3605 mm

Wheelbase: 2105 mm

Logo du véhicule PsychoZ
Numerical model of the vehicle PsychoZ

Motorisation and energy storage

4 driving wheels (front wheels : electric engine, rear wheels : thermical engine)

Thermical motorisation: Citroën C1/Peugeot 107 engine (68 hp fuel)

Gearbox : Renault R21

Gasoline tank : 10L tank

Electric motorisation : 2 Lynch LEM200-D127 engines (direct current engine - 2 x 17 hp)

Electric energy storage : plumb battery 72V (total onboard energy: 10 MJ)

Tail rotor drive : sheaves with toothed belts

Frame and grounding liaison

Tubular frame welded

Type : 3 cells (Front - Rear - Cabin)

Materials : Circular tubes made of steel and aluminium plates

Braking : metallic with discs

Tyres : Michelin

Car body

Type : Mitjet AM-6 skin

Material : Fibreglass