SymbioZ - 2010

SymbioZ is the second hybrid vehicle and the first 4-driving wheels of EPSA. As a result, it has an all-thermal propulsion mode, an all-electric traction mode and a third hybrid mode 4 by 4. The car was also the first to be equipped with a Peugoet RC Cup bodywork which has been used for the next two vehicles. SymbioZ actually hold the speed record of EPSA with a peak at 141 km/h on the circuit of La Valbonne.

General data sheet

Name: SymbioZ

Code name: TIZY'2010

Year of making: 2010

Type: Two-seater car

Motorisation: Parallel hybrid (thermical (fuel)  - electric)

Architecture de l'hybridation: FERT (Front Electrical Rear Thermical) with an electric engine

Overall width: 1800 mm

Overall length: 4300 mm

Height: 1100 mm

Logo of the vehicle SymbioZ
Super-capacitors and high power electric cables

Motorisation and energy storage

4 driving wheels (front wheels : electric engine, rear wheels : thermical engine)

Thermical motorisation: Citroën C1/Peugeot 107 engine (68 hp fuel)

Electric motorisation : 2 Lynch LEM200-D127 engines (direct current engine - 2 x 17 hp) with an engine per front wheel

Front driveshaft : rollers with tooth belts

Electric energy storage : 3 super-capacitors Maxwell (total electric energy on board : 570 kJ)